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UwU® Soda – Six Pack


Fellas, can I get an UwU!?

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You’re running around the con all day looking for stuff to do. You need adventure, excitement, most of all: you need a drink! So you yell out loud and annoyingly “CAN I GET AN UWUUUUUUU!?” And when you do, we’ve got you covered!


For our 21+ customers: UwU® soda mixes well with gin to put that annoying pep back in your step.

UwU® is a federally registered trademark.

[Lime flavored soda. 12 floz glass bottles. Shipping included in price.]

Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, gum arabic, natural lime flavor, glycerol abietate, brominated vegetable oil, artificial color FDC yellow #5 and blue #1.

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